Soft Seated Ball Valves


XOMOX® FK Soft Seated Ball Valve

The new XOMOX® FK Ball Valve combines all critical safety and performance features required for demanding applications in the chemical process industry.


Features And Benefits

  1. Three independent stem seals offer superior fugitive emissions control, certified to the following standards: EPA Method-21, ISO-15848, and TA-Luft according to VDI 2440.
  2. Self-relieving seats permit relief of excess pressure to protect the integrity of the valve while maintaining bidirectional operation.
  3. Patented SX ball-stem design provides high maximum stem torque capability and built-in side load resistance for extended valve life under severe conditions including thermal-cycling.
  4. Dual material spiral wound body gasket, including a PTFE chemically inert inner seal and a secondary graphite outer seal, is supplied as standard.

Design Features

  1. Full bore design
  2. Face-to-face dimension Long Pattern ASME B16.10
  3. Raised Face Flange dimension per ASME B16.5
  4. Self-relieving seats
  5. Fire tested API 607 6th edition & ISO 10497:2010
  6. Anti-static design (electrical continuity between ballstem-body)
  7. Blow-out proof stem
  8. Actuator mounting flange according to ISO 5211
  9. Patented SX stem seal for side load protection
  10. Fugitive emissions per EPA Method-21, ISO-15848, & TA-Luft (VDI 2440)

Materials Of Construction

  1. WCB and CF8M standard body materials
  2. Higher alloys available (Example: Alloy-20, Monel, Inconel & Hastelloy C)

Size Range

  1. ½” – 12” / DN15-300

Pressure Ratings

  1. Class 150 – 300

 Temperature Range

  1. 450°F (230°C)

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