Sampling Valves


SchuF produces one of the broadest ranges of sampling valves available. Many of our valves are exclusive designs for specific custom applications. They are widely used in the Refinery, Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemicals, Biochemical, Plastics and Polymer industries.


Sampling Valve Applications

These valves are most commonly used to simplify the extraction of samples from or the injection into tanks, reactors, or pipelines and allow for trouble-free service over long periods of time. SchuF has a variant for whatever process element is most important for your application, whether it be fire safety, ease of maintenance, high temperature, or zero leakage, or a combination of all elements.


Key Characteristics of SchuF Sampling Valves

  • Modular design to meet diverse sampling requirements
  • Top, bottom or side sampling variants
  • No dead space
  • Non-clogging, self-cleaning rod seal design
  • Replaceable seal rings for ease of maintenance
  • Automatic crust breaking with rod seal variants
  • All valves have Leakage Class VI shut off (100% tested)
  • Available in a fire-safe version with ISO 10497 certification
  • Can be combined with sample bottles, integral heating jackets, flushing ports, extended
  • Rams and bodies, T-Pieces, various inlet connections and half-couplings etc.

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