Glass Reinforcement Pipes (GRE,GRVE)


Glass reinforced epoxy (GRE) piping systems are used for demanding clients operating in the Marine & Offshore, Oil & Gas and (Petro)chemical markets. GRE is often used for utilities such as cooling and fire-fighting systems where the requirements for reliability and mechanical strength are high. The superior axial and circumferential mechanical values distinguish themselves positively from other, glass fibre reinforced piping systems


With the exception of strong bases and acids, both sea and brackish water and mild corrosive liquids as mediums are suitable for GRE. There is very good chemical resistance against hydrocarbons and BTX (benzene, toluene and the three xylene isomer) environments.

Different joining technologies are available, namely, bonded connections, (un-)restrained O-ring connections, screw connections and laminated connections for repairs and/or tie-ins. GRE meets the ISO14692 standard, which is regarded as the general standard by piping engineers who work for multinationals operating in industry, shipping and offshore.

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