Reciprocating Pump


The Lagoa series of reciprocating pumps is designed for metering a wide variety of products, including minerals, paper and oil, across a range of industries.

Lagoa reciprocating pump principle

The Lagoa reciprocating pump is composed of a membrane which is connected to a piston. Its alternating movement successively fills and empties the pumphead. As illustrated in the diagram below:

  1. The backward movement of the membrane opens the bottom check valve to allow entry of the fluid, which fills the pumphead
  2. The membrane's forward movement closes the bottom check valve, opens the top check valve, and expels the dose of liquid


  1. Foot valves
  2. Injection rod
  3. Safety and retention valves
  4. Pulsation dampers
  5. Ready to meter assemblies
  6. Multiplexing

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