Mechanical Anchor Lining


The special aspects of the BEKAPLAST system are the special, conically widening large anchor studs on the reverse of the plate. They create a permanent mechanical connection between the plastic lining and the concrete. In addition, they prevent differential expansion.

The size, shape and arrangement of the studs are the result of intensive development work aimed at achieving the best possible anchoring of the plates.


  1. repaired repeatedly
  2. highly impact resistant
  3. resistant to biogenic corrosion
  4. resistant to high and low temperatures or stark temperature changes

BEKAPLAST has proven itself in practice for more than 50 years. From problem solutions in the chemical industry or in drainage systems in the municipal sector, new installation or renovation of basin and sump linings to tank construction - the possible applications of BEKAPLAST are just as varied as the demands made today on modern, future-proof lining technology.

The quality of the anchoring enables the long and safe functioning of the sealing. Outstanding - and crucial for practical application - is the unique flexibility in application. Whether you are planning a new construction or want to refurbish a component that is already in use: Steuler BEKAPLAST makes it possible to plan the application in advance and thus reduce the effort on-site to a minimum.

Parts with complex geometries are prefabricated in our workshop and installed "in one piece" on-site. This reduces detail work on the construction site and makes workshop-quality installation parts possible. In new construction, for example, large areas can be integrated directly into the formwork. This supports construction progress and significantly shortens overall construction times. During refurbishments, we can minimize the downtimes of your production.

The possibilities for refurbishments are virtually unlimited with our mechanically anchored plastic plate systems. Whether mineral substrates or steel: we have special solution options for anchoring the systems in any substrate. Only the construction itself must be stable. Costly refurbishment of the substrate is often not necessary.

Due to the particularly high resistance of the thermoplastic material polypropylene to abrasion, BEKAPLAST is also used as mechanically anchored corrosion protection in concrete scrubber constructions. This creates a controllable, homogeneously lined space.

Since the concrete structure and lining are manufactured in a single work step, considerable time advantages are the result. The overall structure can quickly take a load and be put into operation.

Storage tanks in the chemical industry or in municipal wastewater plants are subject to a wide range of stresses that often cannot be precisely defined in advance. In addition, outdoor plants are exposed to the effects of sunlight and frost.

In general, leachate infiltration are classified as liquids hazardous to water. According to the WHG, appropriate sealing systems must be used in the construction of underground concrete basins - in some cases with leakage monitoring or double-wall systems.

Sump construction, e.g. as landfill control sumps or in combined sewer lines, are often exposed to stresses that cannot be precisely defined in advance, such as biogenic corrosion or aggressive vapors.

BEKAPLAST is used to line pipe systems gas- and watertight and is verifiable. The lining system is also resistant to biogenic corrosion and prevents incrustations. BEKAPLAST HD-PE is physiologically harmless and therefore also suitable for drinking water.

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