Ram Bottom Outlet Valve


The ram-seal drain valve is a free flowing, full opening valve design that offers bubble tight Class VI sealing characteristics that ensures positive shut off to process. In laboratory tests Ram-Seal valves have exceeded all Class requirements and delivered positive shut off over several hours of testing. The design ensures:


  • Clog Free Performance - automatic rodding on every stroke
  • Flow in either direction - can be used to drain or inject media without damage to the sealing mechanism
  • High Cv - 45-degree branch assures rapid drainage, unobstructed by valve stems, restricted ports or unnecessary change in flow direction
  • No leaks - achievement of absolute zero leakage
  • Extended seal life - as the seal is not in the flow path
  • Diverse Low emissions packing designs are available


This unique and superior performance explains why this bottom outlet valve is widely used in the Chemical and Petrochemical industries in diverse applications. This includes most polymer applications polyester, polyethylene, HDPE, PTA, Polystyrene, Catalysts, DMT, TDI, MDI to name a few.


Their reliable performance and dependable sealing mean that they are also used in severe services including radioactive waste and mineral processing applications.

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