Condensate System


Our advantage of providing complete Blowdown and Condensate Systems is that it ensures an integrated plant, designed to optimize process engineering needs, acoustic requirements, pressure vessel construction standards as well as the statics of the whole system.
 The task of Blowdown and Condensate Systems consists of the following:

  • relief of high-pressure water, steam and water-steam mixtures
  • separation of water and steam in a blowdown tank
  • drainage of the condensate, in an eddy-free flow and, if required, cooled down in a collecting tank
  • removal of the steam via an exhaust pipe and a blow-off silencer into the atmosphere

During the pressure reduction of high-pressure hot water, considerable vaporization heat is emitted, forming a watersteam mixture which is separated into the individual phases. This phase separation occurs in the blowdown tank, through which the remaining condensate is led into a collecting tank and the generated steam is carried off via an exhaust pipe and a subsequent blow-off silencer into the open air.

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