Automatic Recirculation Valves (ARV)


The SchuF automatic recirculation valve is a unique design whose performance has been perfected through simulation and joint research and development with the universities of Magdeburg and Darmstadt.


Operation of Minimum Flow Valve (ARV)

Minimum Flow or Automatic Recirculation Valves automatically protect centrifugal pumps during low load operation. As the pump’s load drops below a preset flow rate, the valve’s disc moves towards its seat  and causes the bypass bush to open a bypass flow path. The pump minimum flow rate is thus reached and maintained.



Automatic Recirculation Valve Applications

A common application is to protect pumps which handle hot water for boiler feeding or cooling water plants, where partial evaporation of the water content might otherwise cause the pump to run dry. Even when the flow rate through the main valve to the boiler is completely shut off, a minimum flow is maintained. Another application is to protect high performance pumps during a startup phase. In this scenario, several pumps are used in parallel with one in stand-by. The pump recirculation valve enables the swap to occur without damage to the pumps. SchuF’s unique design is widely used in the Power, Paper and Pulp, Maritime, Refining and Chemical industries.



Advantages of the SchuF Automatic Recirculation Valve

  • Unique design
  • Combines both check and bypass features
  • Proprietary Cv calculation system
  • Minimum flow protection
  • No external actuation required
  • 3 phase slurry and high-pressure variants available

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