FRP Roofing


Fiberglass FRP Roofing Sheet, Transparent Roofing Sheet is a plastics composite sheet can be use as house or commercial building. FRP Roofing Sheet can have both solid Colour or transparent sheet which can be use as day light belt.


The advantage of FRP roofing sheet is Rust-Free which reduce maintenance cost once installed, lightweight & durable. For more specific application, FRP roofing can be use in industrial factory as cladding or roofing to provide chemical resistant which provide long lasting. The profile of the roofing can be customized to use be compatible with metal deck. FRP roofing sheet is especially suitable for coastal & seaside applications which metal roof easy rusted. FRP roofing sheet also suitable for agricultural industry especially in tropical environments in Malaysia. The high moisture environment will cause the roofing to rust much easier. Call us more for details of this products, size dimension or sample.

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