Peristaltic Pump


The PCM Delasco™ range offers a large choice of low pressure and high-pressure food grade peristaltic pumps, including pumps for corrosive, abrasive and fragile products. What’s more, reduced Life Cycle Costs mean that you’ll get the very best value from your equipment at every stage of its life, from conception to maintenance costs.


The peristaltic pumping principle is based on the capacity of a soft elastomer hose to accept a deformation and subsequently recover its initial shape.

Technical advantages

  1. The hose is the only part that is in contact with the product, meaning it’s the only part that’ll get worn.
  2. Seal-less design
  3. The pump automatically begins self-priming on start-up, without the need for any special equipment.
  4. Thanks to its symmetrical design, the Delasco™ can be easily be used in reverse.
  5. Dry running is possible, without any risk of damage.
  6. As only the pump hose is in contact with the fluid, the Delasco™ can be used with acidic or basic products without any danger of corrosion.
  7. The elastomer hose resists abrasion better than a metallic surface, and the low running speed reduces the risk of abrasion even further.
  8. As transfer takes place within the tube, the product won’t encounter any agitation, making it perfect for delicate products.
  9. Depending on fluid density, dry-matter concentration can be up to 60%.
  10. The pump can cope with solid particle, up to a 1/3 of the size of the hose bore diameter.

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