Floors and process plants are exposed to a wide range of corrosive stresses.

In particular, these are chemical effects - such as those caused by acids, alkalis, salt solutions, organic solvents, various chemicals or water vapor, whose corrosive potential is often exacerbated by elevated temperatures and temperature changes.



  1. Extensive selection based on: polyurethane, epoxy resin, vinyl ester resin, polyester resin (unsaturated), furan resin, special formulations
  2. Coordinated build-ups (primers, bonding and leveling layers, intermediate layers, top and abrasion-resistant coats, sealings) with a wide variety of fillers and reinforcing materials
  3. Application variants: trowel coatings, self-leveling coatings, broadcast coatings, laminate coatings, synthetic resin screeds
  4. Sealing layer systems approved by the building authorities for all DIBt test groups and other media
  5. External test certificates for various properties: chemical resistance, crack-bridging, passability by vehicles and electrical conductivity
  6. Special systems with focus on special properties: clean room coatings, coatings for the food industry, coatings for EPA areas (ESD protection)


With its own design and material developments as well as trained installation specialists, Steuler stands for the protection and safety of production and other important areas. Our floor coating systems offer long-term security and practical solutions for your specific requirements. We work with system: Basic, adapted to the respective project, with all defined construction details and functional layers.

With Steuler, you get a coating expert who will make your floors and surfaces safe and efficient for many years to come.



Steuler floor coatings and acid-resistant tile lining protect the concrete substrate from corrosive destruction, prevent the penetration of chemicals and pollutants into the substrate and therefore help to maintain the value of the plant.

Tried-and-tested solutions for expansion joints, trench connections and designs as well as sealing details of foundation bases and hall structures complete our flooring systems.

Temperature changes, wetness, chemical exposure, driving over heavy loads, scratching in production or during maintenance work - industrial flooring from Steuler safely withstands stress. Special surface properties such as planarity and slip resistance improve operating procedures and increase occupational safety.

In many areas, additional properties such as safe electrical conductivity, liquid impermeability, color design, physiological safety, high crack-bridging or water vapor permeability are required.


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