Flue-Gas Systems



BBM Akustik Technologie is the world’s leading supplier for flue-gas silencers. We supply the whole range of silencers behind the gas turbine and for all kind of boilers. BBM Akustik Technologie has executed several hundred projects worldwide with the most stringent requirements.

BBM scope of supply

For the gas turbine side, we offer all ›hot‹ silencers, either in the horizontal duct downstream the gas turbine diffuser, in HRSG inlet duct, or in the bypass system for every GT size and temperatures up to 700 °C. For the cold side behind the HRSG, we design silencers in the outlet duct and in the main stack. Dimensions and materials are selected as per specification. We can supply the absorptive splitters, or both the splitters and the casing with all requested accessories

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