Air Intake System




  1. Compressor bleed air or exhaust 
  2. Heat exchangers 
  3. Infrared systems


Static Air Intake System 

Our static air intake system comprises bag filters and fine filters as well as weather protection hoods, droplet separators, bird screens, anti-icing-systems, inertial separators, control systems for monitoring the pressure drop of the filter systems, bypass flaps, shut-off louvers, roller shutters and other ancillaries.


Mist Eliminators

We use filter elements in classes G9 to F9 in accordance with EN 779. Special gas turbine types are also equipped with EPA or HEPA filter elements up to E10 –  E13 or H13 according to EN 1822. Especially concerning efficiency, maximum power load and endurance we recommend the use of our specially developed gas turbine BBM Gerber filter cells (M5 – M6, F7 – F9, E10 – E13, H13).


Self-cleaning pulse filter systems

Our typical self-cleaning pulse filter system consists of weather hoods, droplet separation and single stage pulse filter elements. On demand it is also equipped with e. g. high efficiency safety barriers filters. The necessary compressed air cleaning components include manifolds, valves, blowpipes and pulse controls.



  1. UpStream Cooling System [ UpS ]
  2. Evaporative Cooling System [ EVAP ]
  3. High Fogging System  [ HFOG ]

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